Displaying Real Art of Engraving–Vacheron Constantin Harmony Series

In order to celebrate the 260 anniversary, Vacheron Constantin rolled out the new Harmony series,with 7 types available. It is designed upon the first Vacheron Constantin watch in 1928 and presents a novel look with modern features. It is fitted with Vacheron Constantin-made movement with only a single button. This is the first ultra-thin automatic winding watch with double seconds and it only reaches 5.2mm of its thickness. The second one has beautiful rotor, and the third one is quite similar to the old one in 1928. Single buttons watch is the most popular watch in the market as it requires sophisticated skills to produce it. Besides, the third one also has a dual time function that could make your cross-zones traveling more easy. Just like all other Vacheron Constantin watches,Harmony series has cotes de Geneva on them.

Vacheron Constantin was set up by Jean-Marc Vacheron, a young watches designer. It is one of the oldest watch producers and it never stops producing. In the new Harmony, it has noel case with modern features that could reflect Vacheron Constantin’s rich experience in producing complication watches. The leaped case design builds a three-dimensional sense once ,which again reflects its professional carver. In order to keep precision, readability and comforts, the case is kept simple. What’s more, the brand new case is a stark contrast to the old round case. Harmony rolled out the first anniversary limited edition among there 7 types of Harmony. They are fitted with chronographs, dual times with four Vacheron Constantin-made movements and a improved movement. They are just like a art work aiming at incorporate Vacheron Constantin’s novel functions and display its modern charm.

Harmony series is fitted with Vacheron Constantin home-made movement that has several important patents on it. The anniversary Harmony in 2015 is the one that could pave the way for the 2016 edition. Or you can check the rolex blue dial to know more about the high-end luxury swiss watches before buying yours.

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