Hublot Return To Antti Kehela

This is a scientific adventure that archaeologists crave for. In 1901, the Antti Kehela that laid silently in the button of Greece waters, was found. In this sinking boat, people discover the oldest astronomical calculator.

October 2014, under the command of Bredan Foley, who is a diver and archaeologist, scientific expedition went on their second deep sea exploration, but this time they have latest diving suite that was developed for this environment.-Exosuit. In order to support this event, Mathias Buttet, Hublot directot of R&D, attended this diving ceremony, and bring us a OceanGraphic Exo4000, as a tribute to scientists and archaeologists in this adventure. EXO4000 was promoted in Monaco aquatic museum, and it has perfect performance no matter its design, development or producing. It meets all criterion of NIHS, and a serious diver watch. The reason why it was named EXO4000 is that EXO4000 has an amazing water-resistance that is waterproof to 4000 meters. Under such a depth, everything on the dial is still visible thanks to the SuperLuminovaTM coat that is rubbed on dial, time indexes and hands. As a diver watch, EXO4000 has a helium escape valve that make sure it can dive into 4000 meter depths. When diving, helium valve makes sure that air that penetrates into the water when diving will be exhausted. The valve is made corrosion-resistant steel that is placed at the left side. EXO4000 has titanium buckle. For a diver watch, a needle buckle is much more secure than a folding clasp because it is much easier to manipulate even when divers wear heavy diver suite. Strap is made of composite of rubber and nylon and a little longer than a normal band. But strap for EXOSUIT reaches 50cm.

And Modern Machine’s Tip Hat to Ancient Mechanical Engineers – In 2012 Basel Watch Fair, Hublot displayed this Antti Kehela watch.

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