Men in the pitch and their watches

What the World Cup impressed us is the extra time. There are amazing 5 extra times out of 8 matches, which really shocked us. Since we talk about the World Cup and watches, then let’s have a casual talk about those famous player and, particularly, their watches.

Cristiano Ronaldo and TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 flyback CAR2B11.FC6235
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the hottest stars and he chose TAG Heuer this year, although we have seen that he once had FRANCK MULLER, Time Force. The man is concentrated on the pitch and a watch with flyback really matches him and his career. Even though suffering from injury and facing the fact that the Portuguese overall strength is weak and was weeded out very soon, Cristiano Ronaldo, a proud and powerful player, will come back in rest of year.

José Mourinho and Hublot 701.QQ.0138.GR.SPO14
Hublot call this one “The special one”. He is proficient and professional coach and a high-valuable man because of his arrogance and wilderness. Always wearing a Armani coat and standing outside the pitch, he is pretty popular among people. José Mourinho always stares at his watch in the match, which seems to be ready at any time to argue with referee. Therefore, it is a win-win for both him and Hublot.

Zinedine·Yazid·Zidane and IWC Pilot Top Gun Marine IW502902
Zinedine·Yazid·Zidane has a long history with IWC. Whatever his techniques or his style deeply attract IWC, so the latter designed two types for him. He is no longer that almighty man, but he still have quite a lot of appearance and took The Champions League trophy with Real Madrid. It is real a wise choice to choose ZIZOU to represent IWC because he has IWC watches and he also develop other friends to be IWC fans, such as Lewis Figo.

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