Rolex Paul Newman Daytona – the Calm Attitude of Watchmaking

Time back to the 1966 or so, rolex Ref. 6239 Daytona was on sale in America and it used the “Exotic Dial” special watch dial design, the price at that time was moderate, about $219. In November 2013, on the Christie’s Daytona theme Lesson One auction, the transaction price of the Rolex Ref. 6263/6239 Daytona achieved a staggering $1,089,186! Nickname Paul Newman, it was one of the most popular watches models in the world. The initial appearance was not colorful, thanks to the American actor’s ice blue eyes, original Daytona took off the technical stereotypes, sent out an irresistible charm. Now, many collectors have been bidding only to touch the heartstring of the Rolex Daytona.

Rolex Ref.6263/6239 Daytona Paul Newman stainless steel chronograph, with the case No.2’197’870, produced in the year of 1969, and came to a the final deal of 989,000 Swiss francs($1,089,186) in the Christie’s auction.

In the mid -1960s, Rolex was committed to design the new dial for the Rolex Daytona watch. Speed meter calibration removed from disk to the watch bezel, and the timing bezel with the contrast color print to be easy to identify, making it suitable for high speed sports. At first, the disk Used red, white and black color collocation, to the early 70s it was replaced by pure black and white color. Numbers are decorative art fonts, and between with the square markers, Minutes orbit lap also was in such kind of design. Free jumping away from the tradition at the same time, the efficiency was a substance. Rolex for the new watch launched the stainless steel and 18 k gold edition, and the latter was equipped with champagne watch dial surface. For the dressy watch choice, the 18k gold Daytona is a better choice, but for the casual choice, the stainless steel is more suitable.

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